Youth (grades 6-12)

Upcoming Events:

January 14 - Bayou Area Youth Rally - Meet at church 6:30 p.m.

     - Traveling to Florida Blvd. Baptist for Rally

     - Cost $10 to bowl, need to know if bowling by Wednesday 1/10/18

February - Get Together Evening - Date to be determined

Did you miss it? 

Mystery Bake Off and Bible Study

We love our youth group! We refer to students currently in grades 6-12 as our youth or as our students! At Victory, we encourage youth to know Jesus and to connect with others. We want to share in their spiritual journey with Jesus. 

Our youth group is an open group welcoming others to join us in Bible study, worship, and other activities. One of our youth group's purposes is helping young people know God.  On most Wednesday evenings we meet for an informal Bible study which challenges us to live Christ in our society. We study Scripture and learn about the Lord's love and His plan for our lives.  Bible study is quite adventurous for our group as we discover what it means to live life as Jesus would live it.   Youth are the now of the church, not just the future.  

We welcome you to join us on this journey!



Winter Wonderland

Living Nativity